12/27/21 "What is new in 2022?"

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I would be lying if I tell you that I have no ideas what will happen in 2022.  I have plenty of visions but mostly relating to my life and my path and the people I interact with daily and weekly.  Mostly race directors, promoters, and racers I have close connection to.

Nothing earth shattering or any other epic vision foretelling the fate of humanity.  This means that we are still on the covid 19 pandemic timeline.  To think that back in early 2020, some segments of our NYC racing community were pushing for a more naive, self righteous narrative.  They believed the pandemic will end in few months and the vaccines would help us to return to normal, a centennial pandemic would decide to disappear.  We would live happily ever after and we can continue to be self righteous without repercussion and accountability. 

Is ok to be naive as long as you can keep it to yourself, on the personal level.  When you begin to push this narrative on all of us and to advocate for the shutdown and cancel cultures and to divide people?  This shit was happening in the NYC racing community.  The virus didn't give a shit and decided to mutate.  And some people didn't want to get vaccinated.  Some countries lack the logistic and resource to implement mass vaccination.  If this was so easy, the future won't have been foretold to me back in late 2019!  We have to learn to live with the pandemic as early in 2020!  There is no reset.  No reboot.  There's nothing to wait it out because it ain't ending soon.  What was that?  Did someone say "losing the battle, but winning the war?"  Regarding bike racing in NYC and the pandemic?  What....  Dumbass...  Such a bravodo but useless empty words coming from someone who couldn't even see anything beyond his nose. 

I am not surprised that people pushing for the cancel and shutdown cultures would get themselves cancelled and shut down in the process.  Karma has ways to work itself into events and situations. 

My entire 2022 schedule is literally all booked.  Don't think I would have any free weekends but more back to back races to shoot.  Maybe, maybe I may have one or two free weekends in the middle of Summer.  This year is more about me managing my schedules and personnel.  Is going to be challenging but the good ones.  The ones that would make me grow to become bigger and better....or more EPIC.....  And always eyeing for the Nikon Z9.  Let's hope I could get one by the middle of May. 


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