12/16/21 "Is always about the bike!"

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At the end of the 2019 season, I wrote a blog regarding some massive event would be unfolded which would shape the course of history.  Little did I knew, I saw and experienced the life living in a 2020 COVID 19 pandemic.  Scroll down to the bottom of the blog....End of the season, thoughts, reflection, seeing into the future... 10/29/19.

Here is a little background about myself without going all out epic and to retell my epic saga growing up in America.  By the age of 18, I became a realized or half realized Buddha, a stream enterer or once returner.  Basically, some sorts of mind to mind transmission took place and I am on the path to achieve Buddhahood either in this life or after this life.  I had a Kundalini experience....for 15 days.  Self drugs, no teachers, no direction..pure mind to mind manifestation of the Dharma and from my dreams alone.  Ever since then, my mind is connected to celestial beings and gods.  There are figures I saw 20 years ago in my dreams....I am still seeing them today in my dreams.  Yeah, I received messages about the future all the time, very indiscriminately like a mirror wisdom.  I SEE ALL.


What did I see in my dream back in 2019?  I saw myself on a bike stopped and waiting by the 4-way intersections.  There was another person next to me.  Before me, I saw a road cutting machine slicing the asphalt from the pavement like a hot knife through butter.  It was alarming.  I continued to ride forward what appeared to be on 6th ave in NYC.  The roads were all cut and being repaved.  I came to a long line, in a queue, waiting to get through this checkpoint.  It was my turn to pass through and I realized my bike was in the way and making the passage too clumsy.  I tried to leave my bike behind but this person guarding this checkpoint told me to bring my bike with me.  Once I was on the other side, I realized I was on gravels.  That was the end of the dream.  There were other smaller dreams after this but all conveyed the same messages and metaphors, constructions, roads being build, long lines, and even seeing racism. 

Roads being cut and repaved?  Long line?  I was with my bike?  What does it mean for me back in 2019?  For sure, either my path or all paths would be altered and redefined.  And people trying to get to places but waiting in line.  Bike was essential. 

I saw the life living under the COVID 19 pandemic back in late 2019.  Bike became essential and we know why and we have a bike boom.  And I didn't stop shooting bike races.  In fact, my network of race directors and promoters continued to promote bike races and other events, while other armchair historians and self righteous moralists were pushing for the cancel culture and shutdown culture, citing that their causes were righteous and history will prove they were right....even before history itself unfolding.  I will not name bike clubs that were on this self righteous agenda.  They know who they are.  Don't judge history until events become history first.

Of course I didn't take them seriously since I have a direct connection to the future which were foretold to me before the pandemic.  No one died in any of the races and events I shot in.  None of them was a super-spreader event.  I even helped a couples to find each others.  And my network of race directors and promoters didn't waste a season doing nothing, worst, shaming people riding their bikes, but to continue to push for more races.  When everything was open once again in 2021, not only they were prepared but they earned plenty of fans.  That was how I ended up shooting near 50 races in 2021.  They got better at it and I wish them all the best. 

For the other people and other races?  We don't even know if there would be any Prospect Park races.  We are supposed to know who would be the next race director.  For Central Park races, probably no open races if any, maybe one or two.  Awfully quiet from the other side.  

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