5/11/22 "Shooting in another rainy weekend..."

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I shot in another rainy weekend this past Saturday.  Not a fan of the rain but being an adventure sport photographer, races don't get canceled just because of rain.  I have developed my rain system to protect myself and my gear shooting in these condition.  Dos and donts....  Shooting and racing in the rain make everything EPIC. 

This past Saturday has two races in the morning in Central Park.  One is a Central Park Time Trial being hosted by Alex and the other is the Relay and Duathlon race being hosted by New York Triathlon Club.  Of course, the turn out was somewhat lower because of the rain.  Regardless, athletes and racers had a good time.   Tourists and crowding were not an issue at all.  6am, 7am in the morning...raining cats and dogs...the park was literally empty.

Well, it seems like rain is following me everywhere.  There is a slight possibility of shooting in the rain on both this coming weekend, the 14th and the 15th.  I would be shooting the FIRST Jersey Gravel Triathlon in the country under the USAT banner.  The first race of the series is on the 15th and being held in the Wawayanda State Park, NJ, and being organized by Ready Set Go Adventures.  A park I am very familiar with.  Another challenging weekend regarding the logistic because there are 3 races all happening on the same day, the 15th, with a 30 minutes to 1 hour gap in between.  It makes coverage extremely difficult and to add that this is an off road course.  I have my second photographer with me.  Still, to get from the gravel bike sections to the MTB trails in time for the race to pass through.....that takes some effective logistic planning...  I literally have to see into the future to get the spot and timing right.  For the next couple of days, I will be looking at maps and Strava gps data to plan the shoot....   


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