3/30/22 "A Back to Back Race Weekend"


That was an epic weekend.  Just had a back to back race weekend and needing to wake up at 4am in the morning two days in a row and to get all the shots up by Tuesday.  Near 800 photos for the Randall's Island Crit final race and over 1400 shots for the first race of the March Classic Duathlon!  Didn't get much sleep.  Mission accomplished.  Riders and athletes and promoters are happy.  And I got paid, so as my photography assistants. 

Of course, it was only the first many back to back race weekends for this year!  Bigger events with more photos to process and tag.  And more photographer assistants to manage to ensure they don't screw up.  The first race for many promoters is important.  It set the stage for the entire year since all the off season preparation came down to the success of the first race!  

My next back to back race weekend is this coming 4/2 and 4/3.  On 4/2, I will be shooting the Way Over Yonder Trail Run Series hosted by Ready Set Go Adventures at the Jungle Habitat  trail in NJ.  New venue with some significant elevation changes.  This means I have to arrive 2 hours earlier to scout the course.  Is concerning shooting in a new trail system because you always feel that you are lost.  Next day, back to NJ again to shoot a new criterium series being hosted by Team Shake and Brake.  Good thing that I am getting a ride with Alex so that I could at least sleep in his van driving there at 5am in the morning.

If you haven't gotten an epic shot of you yourself racing in NYC because the "other promoters" didn't hire a race photographer to shoot and market their own races, there is your chance to get featured on 4/3!   



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