2/23/22 "My 2022 season starts in one week!"


I can't believe that my 2022 season starts in one week.  Not just that but with a back to back weekend race events and over 150 miles apart.  March 5th at Randall's Island and March 6th at Prattsville NY.  Hey, let's starts the season with a huge bang!  It seems like my last 2021 race I shot was just yesterday.  

During the 2021 off season, I tried to take it easy and to have more time for myself.  I regret that I didn't spend much time mountain biking in LI.  Few years ago, I remembered heading out to Glacier Ridge trail every weekend like ten times.  I took up running and gradually manage to run 6.6 miles in 1 hour and 18 minutes, just today.  And I can still walk afterward.  4 weeks ago, I could barely walk after a 2 miles run! 

It was a busy off season since I have been hired to realign the marketing direction and vision for one of my promoters.  Happy to say that it is going into the right direction.  We worked on it in 2021 and finally I am able to actualize the correct and right vision for his events.  I did have to learn few extra skill sets that I didn't think I would need.  Is all good because I can use my new experiences to help my other promoters.  Yes,  I work for 3 event promoters exclusively.  Could be a 4th one..but only if weekends are longer like 3 days instead of 2 days..ehehehehhee....  There are only so many races and promoters I can work with...

Of course, I am still nervous about the 2022 season since I will have the opportunity to manage 2 additional photographer assistants, while I am away.  The thing is that once the season starts, things will eventually fall into place.

I still hope by May I could get my hands on a Nikon Z9....hopefully. 



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