1/18/22 "2022 season is underway!"

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Is finally happening.  My 2022 season is well underway.  I know there aren't any races yet.  For the past weeks, or even months, I was preparing for the 2022 season.  Changes are beginning to actualize.  I have been doing this for the past 3 to 4 years.  I shouldn't feel the pressure.  Well, the standard and expectation have been in overdrive.  I must be able to deliver.  I always feel that I know more than most people.  You should know by now that I am more than just a race photographer.  I won't get into the details with what I do for events and promoters.  A lot of the behind the scene "stuff." 

I am pretty sure I will be shooting over 40 races and events this year, from MTB races, to trail run races, triathlon, duathlon (on and off-road), and local criterium and circuit races.  Locations including NJ, NYC 5 boroughs, Prattsville NY, and even in Connecticut!  Surprisingly, only have 3 to 4 races I have in conflict with.  And I even have some additional free weekends.  I am glad I am still able to recruit additional photographer assistants, given with the dire situation with our race photography coverage in NYC.  Regarding with the local NYC racing scene, be prepared for few surprises. 

I start to run now, although only with my cheap treadmill at home.  Considering I am more involved in the local triathlon and duathlon scene, it would be logical for me to become one with the sport.  I am a Romantic at heart.  You can not understand something unless you can experience it first hand.  My photography is only as good as my understanding of the sport!  


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