"Off Season Underway"

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I am definitely in my off season now.  I haven't shot any assignment since my last race in the middle of November.  I have been spending my time doing off season stuff.  I am a huge fan of VR sim racing and got myself a direct drive wheel system.  For those don't know, is a steering wheel system using commercial grade motor to generate enough torque to allow the simmers to experience the "real world like" force feedback in any of the racing games.  The entire motor casing is made of aluminum, nothing plastic.  Go big or go home.  

I am using a Moza R9 wheelbase with its compatible steering wheel and brake/throttle pedals.  Is a 9 newton meter torque wheel.  For most simmers, they don't even experience that level of torque in the real world commuting.  If you race track, you are talking about 15 newton meter of torque.  Adding VR, the immersion is off the chart.  I just need some G force and I am all set.  I have never been to track or racing track though.

Another Winter project I am working on is to build another front wheel for my mountain bike.  Couple of months ago, I left it at the parking lot of my local Stop n Shop, after a shoot.  Currently, my trail bike has no front wheel.  Hopefully, I have the chance to drive to Long Island and do some trail riding before my shooting season starts...around March.

I have been seeing a lot of interesting vision in my dreams lately.  Probably nothing is important...... 

Happy racing!

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